Fast Forward 40 Years - Opel 2049

Our brief was to design what the future of Opel mobility might look like in 40 year, we had to identify the potential customer of tomorrow and use their profile to develop a vision of future mobility. In the process develop a new form language within an appropriate vehicular proportion; the design should represent a new aesthetic direction for an Opel that relate to the brand identity.

My concept is call the Glide (as in gliding on ice on the 2 blades)
I have taken inspiration from deconstructivism architectural design methodology when approaching this design. A pair of jewel like wedge shape side blades forms the side structure of the design.
When viewed from the outside, this gives the impression of strength and engineering precision.

The membrane surface flexes freely, accommodating the single driver cockpit module and cargo carried within the vehicle. This design gives the user complete storage freedom and provides the vehicle with an optimal aero-efficient profile.

The interaction between the side blades and the central flexible membrane structure creates a feeling of lightness, like gliding on air. BTW for all those people who complain about the lack of wheel in these concept... it's suppose to be a sculptual concept! We all know flying car for the masses is never going to happen :)

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