We did this project with Daihatsu and Suzuki last December. The aim was to create an European K-Car (a very small Japanese car). I based my design on Japanese pop-art, design minimalism and a large dose of Poku (Pop + otaku)...whatever!

Totally inspired by Takashi Murakami!

Clean round forms and “Kawaii” Japanese for cute - apparently a highly valued aesthetic quality in Japanese society. I tried to convey a sense of playfulness in this design.

The infamous back pic of the car... some people likes it (the Chinese did!) but then some pretty classic line from one
"More like cars with cancer."
"Wow! They've reinvented "The Homer"."

Anyway, I don't give a shxx because I was on dezeen!!!

The car has room for 3 and a naturally a Samoyed!

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